If you own a commercial business, keeping the plumbing in top condition is critical to avoid unnecessary operating interruptions. One of the best things you can do to keep a commercial plumbing system in optimal condition is to keep the drains free of buildup and debris.

What’s the most effective way to do that? Schedule routine drain cleaning, preferably on an annual basis.

So, which businesses are in greatest need of professional drain cleaning services? The experts at Drain Blaster Bill’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning have the details below.

1. Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchen drains handle a large volume of substances that can easily cause drain clogs. Regardless of how diligently employees dispose of fats, oils, and cooking greases in the proper receptacles, moderate amounts of these substances can end up in the drains.

As fatty substances accumulate inside the drain, they coagulate and harden with exposure to cool temperatures. This results in a sticky mess inside the pipe, which ultimately traps incoming solid particles that flow through the drain. With enough accumulation, a moderate to severe drain clog can form, which can result in a significant interruption in daily operations.

To avoid a kitchen shutdown caused by a severe drain clog, restaurants, and other facilities that feature commercial kitchen operations should schedule routine drain cleaning. Recommended cleaning frequency depends on both the kitchen’s daily operational volume and the employees’ commitment to proper debris disposal.

2. Healthcare Facilities

In hospitals, medical clinics, and other healthcare facilities, sterile conditions are critical for patient safety, treatment, and recovery. As such, maintaining a clean and functional plumbing system is imperative for all healthcare operations.

Routine drain cleaning ensures that drains do not become breeding grounds for germs, thereby minimizing the risk of sanitation issues and facility-wide water contamination.

Depending on the structure of the facility’s plumbing system, regular service with commercial water jetting or drain snaking can be effective for maintaining clean, clog-free pipes. The optimal frequency for scheduling drain service depends on facility volume and debris disposal practices.  

3. Fitness Clubs & Recreational Facilities

Health clubs and gyms, day-use recreation areas, and public campgrounds all rely on clean, clog-free drains for optimal functionality of bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, and faucets. The drains in these recreational facilities handle high volumes of hair, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other personal care items that can create ideal conditions for drain clogs.

Backed-up toilets and showers can also interfere with normal facility operation, which is why regular drain cleaning is necessary on an annual basis at the very least. High-volume facilities should also consider scheduling routine camera drain inspections to assess plumbing health and identify minor problems before they grow severe.

4. Hotels & Other Hospitality Operations

Plumbing systems in hotels, theme parks, and other hospitality operations handle an incredible volume of waste and fluid each day. Patrons may not be concerned about proper disposal of debris, personal care products, and other items that can easily create conditions for a drain clog.

While hospitality operations can attempt to mitigate the formation of drain blockages with posted signage that details proper waste disposal practices, patron education only goes so far.

In addition to posted signage, all hospitality facilities should schedule professional drain cleaning on an annual or semi-annual basis, depending on operational volume.

Camera drain inspections and commercial water jetting are the most efficient ways to detect and address developing problems before they grow severe enough to interrupt normal operations.

5. Educational Facilities

Schools can face challenges maintaining fully functional drains due to frequent bathroom visits by students and cafeteria drainage needs.

Students’ toilets are prone to overflowing due to excessive toilet paper use and flushing of foreign objects, while cafeteria employees do not always heed proper waste disposal practices.

To maintain a fully functional plumbing system, all educational facilities should schedule drain cleaning annually, if not more often.

6. Transportation Hubs

Airports, train stations, metro stations, and subways generally see a high volume of passengers daily, which naturally translates to high-volume drain usage.

Airports may be especially vulnerable to drain clogs and other plumbing problems because they house multiple restrooms, and travelers often fail to heed posted waste disposal guidelines.

Major transportation hubs typically also house restaurants, lounges, and other businesses that rely on the facility drainage system. And in many cases, foodstuffs and all manner of other items somehow find their way into the building’s drain lines.

Temporary Solutions for Drain Clogs in Commercial Facilities

Sometimes, a drain blockage forms suddenly with little prior indication of a drainage issue. In these instances, one of the following temporary fixes may solve the problem.

Toilet or Sink Plunger

Using a cup, flange, or accordion plunger can be an effective, temporary solution for dislodging a blockage and restoring water and waste flow through pipes. That said, a plunger may not completely clear a serious blockage from a drain, which means the clog will likely re-form further down in the drain.

If your business deals with frequent toilet or sink clogs and your plunging efforts are only marginally effective, call a drain cleaning pro who can solve the problem for you. There's also a chance you may not be using your plunger correctly (it’s surprisingly easy to mess up!).

To make sure you’ve got your plunging technique down pat, check out How to Unclog a Toilet Fast. And for more unconventional drain-clearing techniques, check out our top tips on how to fix a slow drain

Enzyme-Based Drain Cleaning Solutions

Commercial facilities may be tempted to use chemical drain cleaners when a blockage threatens to interrupt normal daily operations. While a single use of these chemicals typically doesn’t present a hazard to the plumbing system, continued use of such products can jeopardize the drains.

Because these types of cleaners are highly corrosive, they can damage vulnerable pipes quickly. Exercise caution with these products as they are not recommended by professional drain cleaning specialists.

If you must use a drain cleaning product, opt for an enzymatic solution, which uses enzymes to break down the materials that form the clog. These types of products generally take a bit longer to bust through a blockage, but if you give them enough time to work, they can temporarily resolve clogs.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s in any business’s best interest to bring in a commercial drain cleaning specialist who can eradicate the blockage and thoroughly clean the pipes to ensure the clog doesn’t interfere with business operations.

Routine drain cleaning performed by qualified specialists can also significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for quick-fix drain-clearing solutions in any commercial facility.

How Often is Commercial Drain Cleaning Necessary?

The frequency at which commercial facilities should schedule drain cleaning service really depends on the volume of drain usage the facility sees. Businesses with lots of daily traffic can likely benefit from annual or even semiannual comprehensive drain cleaning, while biannual cleaning may suffice for businesses with fewer guests.

For a more in-depth breakdown of appropriate service frequency for various types of businesses, check out our blog, How Often Is Commercial Drain Cleaning Necessary?

Need Commercial Drain Cleaning Near Stillwater, MN?

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