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From monthly archives: November 2018

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What is That Smell Coming Out of My Drains?

There are several reasons why your drain smells bad. The drain odor could be coming from an unused drain, a gas leak, or an item that you flushed down the toilet or fed into your garbage disposal.

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Did You Pay for a Drain Cleaning or Drain Clearing?

Clearing a drain gets rid of the blockage and allows the water to flow through the drain. Drain cleaning, however, gets rid of both the substance and all residue off the pipes and gives your pipes a fresh start.

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What is Camera Inspection, and How Does it Benefit You?

Camera inspection offers an efficient and cost-saving approach for identifying and fixing plumbing issues that arise in your home. At Drain Blaster Bill’s, our experienced technicians utilize waterproof video equipment to identify plumbing issues in hard to reach places.

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