If you’re dealing with a tough drain blockage, hiring a professional drain cleaning service is the fastest and most effective way to resolve the problem. But if you’d never had the service performed before, it’s helpful to know what the process entails so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

Read on to learn what you can expect from a professional drain cleaning service and why hiring the pros is the best way to keep your pipes in excellent condition.

First Up: The Drain Camera Inspection

When you hire a drain cleaning specialist to eradicate a clog, the first step in the process is always a drain camera inspection. This inspection is designed to locate and diagnose the blockage inside your drain, as well as detect any other potential problems within the pipe. Here’s how it works:

●        The drain cleaning specialist inserts a high-definition camera into the drain opening. That camera is attached to a long, flexible rod that the specialist will maneuver through the pipe.

●        The camera sends a live video feed to a monitor screen, which the specialist will watch to direct the camera through the drain. He’ll either save the video to refer back to later or create an image from it to help guide the drain cleaning process itself.

●        Once he locates the blockage, the drain cleaning specialist will be able to diagnose the problem with 100% accuracy using the high-definition feed from the camera.

●        If any other drain issues are present, such as pipe misalignments, punctures, root intrusions, or leaks, the specialist will alert you to those problems and recommend the best course of action for addressing them.

Determining the Best Drain Cleaning Procedure for the Blockage

Once the drain cleaning technician has the blockage on camera, he can also use the footage to assess the degree of grime buildup on the interior walls of the pipe. Depending on the severity of the clog and what it’s comprised of, he’ll recommend one of two drain cleaning procedures: water jetting or drain snaking.

If the clog is severe and the interior of your pipes need a serious cleaning, water jetting is the best way to get the job done. For less severe clogs, drain snaking is often sufficient.

Water Jetting: The Most Comprehensive Drain Cleaning Technique There Is

Water jetting is the most effective way to break apart serious drain clogs and flush out all grime buildup on the interior walls of a pipe. For serious blockages, this drain cleaning technique is the go-to procedure across the industry. Because water jetting uses a high-pressure stream of water, it’s safe for virtually any plumbing system, save for those that are extremely old, corroded, or that have existing leaks.

Here’s what you can expect with water jetting services from a drain cleaning pro:

●        The technician will insert a flexible hose with a high-pressure nozzle into the affected drain. The hose is connected to a pump that thrusts a continuous high-pressure jet of water into the pipe.

●        Given the intense pressure of the water stream, it can break through virtually any solid object inside the pipe. Tree roots, metal, stone, plastic, and any other hard substances are no match for a commercial water jetting machine.

●        Once the water breaks apart the clog and flushes out any debris along the pipe’s interior walls, it directs that debris into the main sewer line and toward the municipal drainage system.

●        When the process is complete, the once-clogged drain will flow freely again and the interior of the pipe will be completely free of debris and buildup.

To keep your drains in excellent condition, it’s a good idea to schedule preventive drain cleaning services on a regular basis, not just when you’re dealing with a blockage. Water jetting annually or every two years will help keep your drains free of debris and grime that can contribute to slow drains and serious clogs.

Standard Drain Cleaning Service

Standard drain cleaning, also referred to as drain snaking, is less of a drain cleaning technique and more of a drain-clearing procedure. As such, it’s really only designed to address drain blockages that haven’t grown severe enough to require more intensive cleaning measures.

If you’re dealing with a toilet that clogs frequently or a slightly backed-up floor drain in your basement, drain snaking may be able to solve the issue. However, that decision should only be made by a qualified and experienced drain cleaning professional who can properly assess the severity of a clog.

If you’re facing a drain problem and thinking about trying this procedure on your own, we caution you to think twice before you do. Check out four reasons why DIY drain snaking isn’t a great idea.

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