That horrible smell coming from your drain could indicate you have a serious problem with your drain. On the other hand, you may have poured something down the drain that didn’t belong there. Let’s explore some of the reasons for the stink in your drainage system.

You Haven’t Poured Water Down the Drain in a While

All drain lines contain a trap that prevents sewer gas from rising through the opening and into your home. The trap is the U-shaped pipe that holds water. If you don’t pour water down the drain, the water in the trap will evaporate, allowing the gas to rise through the pipes. The solution is simple: just pour a good amount of water down the drain. The water will fill the trap again and prevent the gas smell from getting into the house.

You Keep Pouring Grease Into the Drain

Grease does not drain well down a plumbing system. It takes a large amount of hot water running consistently to finally get the slimy substance to the bottom septic tank. If the grease dries due to improper drainage, it can harden and then build upon itself. Eventually, it will block the drain and even produce a rancid odor that finally makes its way back up through the drain.


If the blockage keeps the water from draining, then call a Drain Blaster Bill technician to perform drain cleaning service. You may also want to pour some hot, soapy water, vinegar, or lemon juice down the drain to break up the grease to get rid of the smell. However, the best way to solve grease smells is to dispose of the grease in the garbage can instead of the drain.

Your Garbage Disposal Needs a Good Cleaning

First, you want to be careful what you put into your garbage disposal. Make sure you read the user’s manual to find out what your garbage disposal can handle and what it cannot. Even if you treat your garbage disposal with care, dirty food and liquid can build up inside the canister.


You can remove all food scraps and debris by running some ice cubes through the disposal. Next, you can use organ or lemon slices, vinegar, or dish soap to get rid of the smell. The citrus fruits can destroy almost any odor.

Clogged Plumbing Vent

The plumbing vent is an integral part of your plumbing system. It keeps water pressure from building up, thus, preventing water from backing up. It also allows air and the accompanying odors to vent out of the pipes. If the vent is blocked, then the water, air, and smell will be forced to exit out of a drain due to the pressure.


Bird nests, small animals, and debris are the three main items that will block a vent. You may want to have your vent professionally inspected or hire a drain cleaning service.

Plumbing Drain Solution From Drain Blaster Bill

If you notice odors coming through your drain and don’t know how to remove them, Drain Blaster Bill can help. We can inspect your drain and provide drain cleaning service. We clean all drain in home and businesses.