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Commercial Drain Cleaning: Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

If you own or manage a commercial building, you know your facility’s plumbing system sees heavy use on a daily basis. And with all that action, it can often be a challenge to maintain clean, fully functional drains.

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10 Simple Ways You Can Prevent Bathroom Drain Clogs

If the bathroom drains around your house are prone to clogging, you’re likely treating them improperly or your plumbing system needs an upgrade. For most households, though, bathroom drain blockages come down to one simple thing: letting the wrong stuff flow down the drains.

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Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions About Household Drains

Most homeowners know very little about their drains, but that’s why drain cleaning companies exist. At Drain Blaster Bill’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we get a lot of questions about household drains, and we’re always more than happy to help educate homeowners. Below, we’ve listed a few of our most frequently asked questions to help you better understand how drain clogs happen, what you can do about them, and how you can help prevent them from occurring in the first place.

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5 Tips for Preventing Clogged Commercial Kitchen Drains

In a hectic commercial kitchen, there’s almost nothing worse than a severe drain clog. Not only do clogs look and smell horrific, but they also impede normal daily operations. Staff cannot wash dishes or keep their workspaces clean, which ultimately affects the business’s bottom line. Though kitchen drain clogs are probably the most commercial drain problem, they can be prevented with a few simple, easily implemented measures which our Drain Blaster Bill’s team has outlined below.

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4 Common Commercial Drain Problems & How to Deal With Them

In a residential setting, drain problems are inconvenient, annoying even. But in a commercial setting? Those same issues can affect the way your entire workday operates depending on their severity. At Drain Blaster Bill’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we know drain problems can have a substantial impact on your business, especially if they’re recurrent. Below, we’re discussing a few of the most common commercial drain problems we see, and how building owners can solve them for good.

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Spring Cleaning Time: 4 Reasons to Add Drain Cleaning to Your To-Do List

Minnesota weather is finally warming up! And we all know what that means: spring cleaning time. What’s on your spring cleaning to-do list this year? Closet consolidation? Garage cleanup? Landscaping work? How about drain cleaning? At Drain Blaster Bill’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning, we know drains probably aren’t the first thing on any homeowner’s spring cleaning list—in fact, in many households, drain cleaning doesn’t make the list at all. But that’s a hazardous mistake to make. If you haven’t thought about adding professional drain cleaning to your weekend to-do list, here are five excellent reasons to change your mind:

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3 Essential Tips for Preventing Clogged Drains In Commercial Buildings

If you own or operate a commercial building, you know just how much use the plumbing system sees on a daily basis. And when it comes to drain clogs, it’s really a numbers game: the more people who use your building’s drains, the more likely it is that those drains are used improperly. What happens when people practice improper drain use? You got it: drain clogs.

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Slow Drains? Try These Drain Clearing Hacks

If you’ve ever looked down at your shower floor in disgust, watching as dirty water pooled around your ankles, you know just how irritating a slow, clogged drain can be. At Drain Blaster Bill’s Sewer and Drain Cleaning, we’re here to help you keep your drains flowing freely. We know it’s not always convenient to schedule professional drain cleaning, and if you only have a minor clog, intensive cleaning techniques may not be necessary. The next time you’re dealing with a drain blockage, give these tips a try. You might be surprised at what you can achieve with items you already have hanging around your house.

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Which Household Drains Are Most Likely to Clog?

Drain clogs happen—there’s simply no way around it. Even if you’re diligent about keeping your drains free from debris, eventually, something will get caught and collect buildup over time. And when the buildup becomes substantial, you’ll find water backing up into the affected drain. At Drain Blaster Bill’s Sewer and Drain Cleaning, we know clogged drains because that’s all we do. We also know that many homeowners never think twice about their drains until it’s too late, and they’re already obstructed. We’re here to change that. Here’s what you need to know about the most common household drain blockages and what causes them:

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Drain Cleaning vs. Drain Clearing: Is There a Difference?

If you’re dealing with a drain blockage, you’ve likely done a bit of research to determine whether you can tackle the problem on your own. While it may be possible to clear a minor drain clog by yourself, nine times out of ten, amateur techniques don’t deliver long-term results. At Drain Blaster Bill’s, many of our clients admit they’ve attempted to clear a clog, only to find that it reforms within days. That’s because drain clearing and drain cleaning are two distinct processes, both of which require professional expertise to be successful. Before you attempt to take action on that blockage, take a moment to learn which approach your drain requires, and who is most appropriate for the job.

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