Back in the old days of plumbing inspection, plumbers had one of two choices. A) They could use a snake or other tool and drive down into the plumbing system to make an educated guess of what was wrong with your drain. B) They could physically climb down into areas that were wide enough, like an outside drain or septic area and inspect the system.


In either case, the job either suffered from accuracy or it was time consuming and homeowners would have to pay extra in time and labor costs. Those days are over as technology has found a way to inspect plumbing and drainage system without the guesswork or the long assessment period periods.


The Features and Benefits of Video Camera Inspection

Today's plumbers have learned how to utilize advanced video camera technology to locate and identify problems within the plumbing. Waterproof and impact-resistant cameras can now be fed through the pipes until it reaches the problem area. Cameras take footage of blocked or damaged pipes. The footage is then viewed wirelessly on a separate device like a computer or smartphone.


Once viewed, technicians can determine precisely where the problem lies and the most appropriate method for fixing it. A video cuts the amount of time used to inspect a plumbing system in half and allows the contractors to unblock or repair the damage in a short period. This method, in turn, also saves the homeowner time and allows them to get back to their daily routine.


With Video Cameras There is No Guesswork

Plumbers often have a difficult time identifying plumbing problems. For instance, a plumber may be convinced that running a snake down a pipe will fix a problem, because he or she is convinced that the blockage may be caused by normal items such hair, grease, etc. The reality, however, is that the pipe is damaged and blocked by a root deep in the system. Now the plumber has misdiagnosed the problem and has wasted time and money (and may possibly pass on that expense to you).


Video cameras completely take the guesswork out of analyzing an issue with your plumbing system. High-Definition cameras will provide accurate information every single time so that the plumber can get on with making the necessary repair or adjustment to the pipes. You never have to worry again if the technician did the work right the first time.


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